Transferring Credits Should Be Easier

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The process of transferring credits from high school or college to your University is not as easy as it should be. There are stories from nearly every college student, which involves not getting full credit for their transferred classes due to a lack of transparency around the entire process. Due to recent legislation in Texas, this problem was fixed via Senate Bill 25.

When it came time to transfer, the 21-year-old psychology major from Dallas was deciding between Texas State University and St. Edward’s University. Her decision was made after St. Edwards didn’t accept the two years of American Sign Language she’d taken as part of her foreign language credit.

“It’s two years’ worth of work,” Tintori said. “Which I guess isn’t a big deal for them, but it’s a big deal for me.”

Senate Bill 25, which quickly passed both chambers in the Legislature and took effect June 14 after Gov. Abbott signed it into law, aims to help students avoid losing credits as they move through the higher education system. Lawmakers hope that by making information about courses more accessible and transparent, students can avoid paying for classes that don’t help them earn a degree.

Under previous legislation, students were subject to an identical first 42 hours; however, not all student’s curriculum or starting points should be the same. Allowing students to transfer credits more effectively will increase on-time graduation rates for students and universities.

DegreeSight has built a platform that facilitates a much smoother transition to ensure transparency and efficiency between student and advisor. The platform also provides a step by step resource for transferring credits and creating a log to ensure that no credit was missed due to poor communication or technology.

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