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No matter the degree, most students want the same thing out of education — career preparation that will equip them for employment’s unsteady future. 58 percent of respondents to the Strada-Gallup Alumni Survey said that work outcomes were their primary motivation for pursuing higher education. But even if they know what they want, students today aren’t sure they’re getting it. Another Strada-Gallup survey reported that only about a third of college students feel they’ll...

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Overall postsecondary enrollment numbers are decreasing, and online education is eating into what's left   Online courses continue to become more popular in the United States, and with good reason. In 2016-17, overall postsecondary enrollment dropped by almost half a percent, while the number of students who took at least some of their courses online grew by 5.7%. Over the last 15 years alone, online enrollment has quadrupled!   However, a report from...

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The first step to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to succeed is ensuring that student success is the primary goal of postsecondary institutions. For many years, states funded institutions based on the number of students they enrolled but 32 states have now shifted to funding institutions, at least partially, on completion outcomes rather than merely enrollment inputs. A well-designed outcomes-based funding policy tied to a state’s strategic plan can...

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Degree plan for the graduating class

Across the country, high school seniors are gathering their gowns and mortarboard caps. Graduation is dawning for millions of students, and the path toward what's next might be clear. And it might not be. Even for those who are college-bound, the details can be a little fuzzy. Particularly when it comes to creating a degree plan. For some students, it might be pretty straightforward. Some degree...

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At DegreeSight, we know that there are plenty of challenges facing students everyday that affect their ability to graduate on time. And those challenges intensify for part time students. This population has different needs from full time students when it comes to academic advising and degree planning. The gap in persistence and ultimately completion between full time and part time students varies from institution to institution....

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