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DegreeSight paired with your articulations and historical decisions allows more students to get the info they need about incoming Transfer credits.

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Solutions that Empower

Equivalency Management

Learns your rules as it goes

Onboard in Weeks, Not Months

Your time is valuable. That’s why the average DegreeSight partner is up and running in six weeks. The Registrar at one of our partner institutions said DegreeSight’s onboarding process has the been the easiest of anything I have been through.”

Everyone promises a smooth onboarding process, DegreeSight actually delivers.

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Your very own Equivalency
Management System

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of those legacy spreadsheets and documents could be consolidated into one simplified database? That is exactly what DegreeSight will do with their Equivalency Management System.

DegreeSight learns as it goes...
if you want it to

So many courses, so little time. With DegreeSight, once you equate an incoming course, you will never have to equate it again. DegreeSight gives you the power to create rules that will further automate incoming transcript evaluations. Of course, if you don’t want to create a rule, you never have to – the control is at your fingertips.

Go ahead... Submit on Behalf

DegreeSight’s primary entry point is for students to enter their coursework on their own as a self-service model.
BUT, with DegreeSight’s “Submit on Behalf” feature, you and your staff can use the same powerful Equivalency Management System to continue and perform Transcript Evaluations in-house, whether or not a student ever creates an account! Let students drive their own experience, or empower them when they email you instead – all in the same engine.

Success Stories

Here’s how our partners are using DegreeSight to improve their credit equivalency workflows and streamline their pre-enrollment operations.

“How would my team use this?”

Our team has spent a lot of time in conversations with institutions that all look different from one another – some are hard-line split between the Registrar and Enrollment office, and some are very collaborative. In order to help your institution build a model that works best for you, feel free to reach through our article on “Organizing your institution for success” or reach out to one of our experts below:

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