Academic Advising for Parttime Students

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At DegreeSight, we know that there are plenty of challenges facing students everyday that affect their ability to graduate on time. And those challenges intensify for part time students. This population has different needs from full time students when it comes to academic advising and degree planning.

The gap in persistence and ultimately completion between full time and part time students varies from institution to institution. A Civitas Learning study examined completion data from 60 colleges and universities. While the average completion gap between parttime and fulltime students is 12%, some institutions experienced a gap of over 30%. Others, only 1%.

This variance in completion supports the idea that, with intentionally-designed systems around student-centered services like academic advising, any college or university can lessen the achievement gap between fulltime and part time students. DegreeSight’s software is a tool that can help.

Innovative Changes to Academic Advising

DegreeSight brings innovation to modern advising models. Using this degree planning software, advisors can turn over managing requirements and prerequisites. This gives them more time to address the issues affecting an individual student’s ability to complete.

And for part time students, with their lighter-yet-more-focused credit load, course planning is incredibly important. Missing a pre- or corequisite course can throw them off not only for a semester, but in taking even fewer credits. Research shows that part time students who enroll in two+ courses have better persistence rates than those who enroll in one.

By using DegreeSight, these students have an easier time visualizing their academic journey. Using the degree tracking progress tool, part time students can see how complete their degree plan is. They can also make sure they’ll complete on time. Or be inspired to take more credits and finish earlier.

Degree Planning Software Offering Student Support

Jump into the gap at your institution between full time and part time students. Consider how helping them to take one more course could increase persistence rates. And what is limiting them from doing that.

DegreeSight, as an automated tool, can help. Allow advisors the time to connect students with needed-services or programs. Let the software take care of the academic planning part. Giving these independent students a map toward a degree, combined with the support they need, is the key to increasing persistence.

Check out a DegreeSight demo today!

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