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Since 2017, several universities are making efforts to accept self-reported SAT and ACT test scores during the application process and only require official reports when a student actually enrolls. The individuals pushing for this change have included Gabrielle McColgan, James Murphy, Marie Bigham, and many other contributors. Institutions, like Colby College, have been allowing students to self-report scores since last year, and it works like this: when you fill out your application,...

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The intersection of education and technology offers an exciting opportunity for those with digital skills. Educators and administrators alike can leverage social media marketing to enhance their programs, grow their student body, and improve their enrollment procedures. Whether you’re looking to nurture your student community online or develop your social media channels from scratch the ideas below will help your university attention grow. Recruit high-potential students With the number of students enrolled...

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There has been a steady increase in the number of adult students (“non-traditional students”) enrolling in college programs across the country over the past decade. It all started with the major economic downturn in 2008, which was accompanied by widespread job losses and the overall employment rate soaring. At that time, many people realized that they needed further education to improve their chances of landing...

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The process of transferring credits from high school or college to your University is not as easy as it should be. There are stories from nearly every college student, which involves not getting full credit for their transferred classes due to a lack of transparency around the entire process. Due to recent legislation in Texas, this problem was fixed via Senate Bill 25. When it...

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degree planners for your academic career

There are plenty of things in the life of every college student that make building a clear degree plan slide onto the back burner. Assignments. Tests. Work. Social lives. Not to mention that many degree planners are boring and confusing to begin with, along with students’ expectations of being guide. This leaves no incentive for students to take control and build a plan until they...

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degree planning tool

With NACADA 2018 coming up, we're looking back on the highlights from the 2017 conference. DegreeSight's team introduced our degree planning tool to over one hundred advisors, counselors, deans, and more. Overwhelmingly, we heard the same thing: "We need this!" Anyone whose role relates to academic advising knows that institutions are always asked to do more with less. DegreeSight is a tool that allows advisors to...

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