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You asked and we answered. Based on your feedback, DegreeSight is upgrading TraCC to Inbound! You still have the opportunity to take advantage of our full credit evaluation process with TraCC, but we’ve added incredible new features to streamline your workflow and create a seamless process for your institution. New features include:

  • Transcript upload and data extraction for both unofficial and official transcripts
  • Course data and equivalencies records push to your SIS
  • Power Mode for more efficient workstreams, and more!

What will Inbound do for you? Read below to learn details and see Inbound in action by scheduling a demo!


You can now upload transcripts!

  • AI will parse through and auto-populate the student’s coursework
  • Staff can upload and view transcripts through a new documents tab in the student profile
  • This can be enabled for students, staff, or both!
  • Learn More!

Certify Coursework!

  • Push coursework matches to your SIS
  • Alert the student their coursework has been certified through customized emails
  • This can be turned on/off per your institutional needs
  • Learn More!

A Faster Way to Work!

  • A new optional ‘Power Mode’ that speeds up granting course equivalencies
  • A more consolidated left-side navigation that includes the new Docs tab for transcripts!
  • Learn More!

But Wait, There’s More!

  • CLEP and IB Submissions through Onboarding
  • The website navigation is more compact and easier to use
  • New settings to set up your institution’s grading matrix
  • Equivalency Export for your institution

DegreeSight is committed to creating the most powerful solutions available to support your students, faculty, and staff during the credit evaluation process. Meet with our team to get a full demo and learn more about how Inbound can transform your institution. 

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