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Overall postsecondary enrollment numbers are decreasing, and online education is eating into what's left   Online courses continue to become more popular in the United States, and with good reason. In 2016-17, overall postsecondary enrollment dropped by almost half a percent, while the number of students who took at least some of their courses online grew by 5.7%. Over the last 15 years alone, online enrollment has quadrupled!   However, a report from...

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From the years 2013-2018, Harvard University raised $9.6 billion from private donors alone, crushing the previous record of $6.2 billion (held by fellow private school Stanford University). This is an unprecedented raise of capital, with $1.3 billion directed to funding financial aid for the institution. However, Harvard is one of the most celebrated and recognizable universities in the world, let alone the United States. Is...

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guided pathways toward degree planning

Guided pathways is an initiative in which colleges and universities create clear maps to graduation for each of their programs. Course sequencing can be complicated. Particularly for populations already at risk for marginalization on campus. And it's not just complicated for students. Even as academic professionals, many of us would have a hard time visiting an unfamiliar .edu website and building a degree plan. One that...

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