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As you ask more questions, we’ll continue to build out our answers here below. Feel free to check back often for updates.


DegreeSight helps students visualize their career and graduate on time. We take hundreds of pages of course material and requirements, and condense them into an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface. This prevents any ordering errors and shows students dynamically how many courses they will have to complete their degree.

Course prereqs, coreqs, “one of the following” or other requirements are all pulled directly from the university’s most recently published Course Catalog. When we load this data, DegreeSight automatically runs a full data accuracy audit against it to ensure that no false requisites are listed. For example, when a course is no longer offered but was still listed as a requisite of another course. 


Advisors and administrators have control rights to update/edit these requirements before releasing the DegreeSight catalog to their student body.

If your university is on our platform, you will be able to sign up for an account and get started right away! But if not, reach out to us on the contact form on our Students page and we’d be happy to get your university into our queue.


Once we have enough requests for any one school, we will onboard them ourselves to the overall platform as a “non-sponsored” university so that students can use the Planner themselves, even without advisory support. This helps us reach our goal of supporting all students, regardless of legacy systems and bureaucracy.


By empowering advisory teams to create template plans with placeholders, DegreeSight allows your team to better serve your students in a seamless, digital, fully audited workflow.

DegreeSight’s data engineers start from the truest source possible – the published PDF catalog. From there, we load in all courses and their prerequisites, then we proactively audit the entire catalog for errors, and then we do a secondary human review to ensure accuracy. All of this is then fed into the advisory team(s) at the university for their final review and sign-off.


In short, we triple check the data when loading it in, and then we ask for a final validation of your personal plan by your advisor during the review & approval process.

Start your students off with a template plan full of placeholders, and they will be guided along a simplified pathway of creating their comprehensive degree plan. As they make changes and edits, you are able to review with them places where they’ve deviated from that initial path, and help guide them back onto a plan for success. 


Additionally, to create an even greater level of control, students submit their plans for advisory review & approval directly within the DegreeSight platform. 


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