Attract Transfers &
Grow Your Institution

Let prospective students submit their transcript
and calculate their ROI in minutes!

More than one-third of college students transfer.

Nearly half of those will transfer more than once!

Transfer students are
3x more likely to enroll if given transparency up front!

Are you prepared to support them in their journey?

Respond faster, and win more leads


Students enter transcript data in minutes and submit to you in real-time.

auto-approved by articulations

Preload your articulation agreements, and speed up your workflow.

live chat

Chat directly with prospective students coming through the site. Use our chat, or embed your own!

Integrated with
your CRM

Push Leads, Events, and Notes into your CRM in real time!

Put a dollar amount on it!

Share an estimate on the value of the students transfers, updating in real time with each credit approved!

personalized branding and URL

Maintain your brand’s look and feel by changing the logo, url, background image, and text.

Easy configuration & onboarding. Live in as little as 2-4 weeks!

Concerned about loading your articulations? No problem, one of our success specialists can help – just send us your spreadsheets, PDFs, word docs, or whatever else is being used today, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Two ways to reach new students

Benefits of using a private label site:

  • Targeted exposure, without fear of competition in your funnel
  • Run your own ad campaigns directly
  • (Add-on) Plus landing pages, designed & hosted by DegreeSight to help your team attract more students

Onboarding time: 1 week,
blazing fast!

Our designers will mock up a sample branding design for you. Verify this works, and select your URL. We’ll do the rest and then have your custom site up and live within 1 week.
Add articulations as you go, no need to wait!

Run your own ads without fear of sending prospective students to another school

Run your normal campaigns

Students build their unofficial transcripts in minutes on desktop or mobile, using our super-friendly, easy, and beautiful user experience design.

No other schools are available in the list for the student. Receive unofficial transcripts and profile data in minutes!

Benefits of joining the network:

  • Broad exposure to interested students
  • Promote yourself as a “transfers- friendly institution” when students search for schools on our network

Onboarding time: 1 day,
get started tomorrow!

Articulations can be set up as you go. No need to wait on collection & loading before you begin!

Your institution will show up when students search for "transfer friendly" schools

Students build their unofficial transcripts in minutes on desktop or mobile, using our super-friendly, easy, and beautiful user experience design.

When students select their prospective targets, we promote your institution once again right before time of submission, creating a dramatic increase in total transcripts received!

How it works

Students self-enter coursework


Students self-enter their transfer courses

Students self-enter their transcript data, providing a list of courses with grades, source schools, and dates completed.


We check this automatically against your equivalencies

Courses are matched against your university’s articulation agreements*, checking ID, grade, and date completed.

*Articulations not known ahead of time? No problem!

Use DegreeSight's workflow and an embedded course review process!

We review your equivalencies
Approval report is given


A detailed approval report is shown, highlighting the student’s ROI

DegreeSight calculates the value of all credits approved* and creates a reporting page to track the status of the remaining credits.

Your recruiting team executes on the Lead in real-time

All teams are notified by email, plus a direct push into your CRM of choice.

Students are given ways to continue the conversation

The student receives an email receipt and can start a live chat with your team.

Why is degreesight

preapproved rules

Pre-approved articulations, with full control

Fully White-Labeled

Our goal is to help you enroll more students, not to promote our own brand. DegreeSight makes it easy for universities to promote their brand without being “one of many” – this is a way for students to engage with you, not to engage with all of Higher Ed.


Enabling your team(s) to work as a team

Ready to increase your conversion rate? let’s talk!

If a student submits a transcript over to my team, they shouldn’t have to wait a week before they get an answer back...

Don’t just buy names.
Drive conversations!

Rather than buying a list of names to cold email, let students submit their transcript to you directly and drive themselves through a robust and engaging nurturing funnel.

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