They're Your Credits.
Why Lose Them?

Whether in high school, working on your degree, or stopped out years ago, evaluating who accepts your credits & how they’ll apply takes time. Use DegreeSight to submit your credits through our network of schools, and we’ll maximize what you’ve already earned (for free).

ps – We Hate Spam, and Will Never Sell Your Data

College is hard enough.

But students lose on average between 20-43% of their credits

when moving from Associates to Bachelors or transferring colleges.
…That doesn’t even include credits that are “accepted” but won’t be applied to the chosen degree.

In 5 minutes, you could have your courses submitted to 10 schools.

You can get an estimate from a car dealership (plus a fact check). Why not from a school?

Maximize those credits and
graduate fast, saving thou$$ands!

Don’t worry, we only share data with institutions you’ve asked us to.

Why should I try

It’s completely free (that’s right)

College is expensive enough. DegreeSight uses data and university partnerships to democratize knowledge and help you make more informed, money-saving choices.

Start to finish in 5 minutes

A super straightforward, simple workflow that’s built for speed. Whether you have 2 courses from one community college, or 20 courses across 3 different schools, we’ll get you through it quickly.

It’s intuitive and pain-free

Whether your Gen-Z looking to transfer somewhere new, or a baby-boomer looking to finish a degree that you started twenty years ago, we’ve designed, tested, and built our product with you in mind.

Chat directly with multiple schools

It’s easy. Save thousands from the couch

Everything is fully optimized for mobile, making the process to build and submit your transcript a breeze, even on the smallest of phones. No additional downloads or mobile apps needed.

How it works


Enter your completed courses

Enter in your transcript data, providing a list of courses with grades, source schools, and dates completed.


Confirm your personal
info and submit

Enter in your transcript data, providing a list of courses with grades, source schools, and dates completed.


In seconds, see which courses are approved or denied, and how much you can save!

Enter in your transcript data, providing a list of courses with grades, source schools, and dates completed.

+ Live chat with the schools while they review

All teams are notified by email, plus a direct push into your CRM of choice.


+ Use our Degree Planner to estimate how long it will take to graduate

The student receives an email receipt and can start a live chat with your team.

Tools to maximize your credits &
save you time evaluating

Track all completed
courses in one place

Enter in your transcript (even across multiple schools) in as little as a few minutes

search schools across
key metrics

Pick schools based on transfers-centric metrics like size, tuition, acceptance rate, and percent of students online

Build a target list of

Create a list of your target favorites ahead of time, or just prior to submitting your transcripts over

submit to multiple
schools at once

Send your data to as many schools as you want with the single push of a button

Live Chat

Talk directly with your target school in real time and get answers insanely fast!

Continue your
conversations by email

Any missed conversations can be continued offline. No need to stay at your desk (or phone) and wait.

After submitting, what happens next?

Create a custom degree plan,
graduate on time

Sponsored partners only

Intuitive, drag and
drop interface

No poke-and-hunt or guess-work required. Want to place a course into a semester? Drag it in. Done.

progress tracking

Track all degree requirements so you know where you stand at all times.

automatic handling
of prerequisites

Never miss a prereq or coreq, and keep all your courses perfectly in order. No more by-hand mistakes.


Not sure what you’ll take, but want to use one out of a list? Create a placeholder for later!

Easy "start from
template" option

Most programs start out similar, so why not have a “template” to help you get started?

full version history

Let’s face it, plans change over time. We help you keep track of why.

Common Questions about the Planner

If your university is on our platform, yes! But if not, reach out to us on the contact form below and we’d be happy to get your university into our queue.

Once we have enough requests for any one school, we will onboard them ourselves to the overall platform as a “non-sponsored” university so that students can use the Planner themselves, even without advisory support. This helps us reach our goal of supporting all students, regardless of legacy systems and bureaucracy.

DegreeSight’s data engineers start from the truest source possible – the published PDF catalog. From there, we load in all courses and their prerequisites, we proactively audit the entire catalog for errors, and then we do a secondary human review to ensure accuracy. If an institution is a sponsored partner, we even cross-match this audit against their internal systems – a 3-way validation! All of this is then fed into the advisory team(s) at the university for their final review and sign-off. In short, we triple check the data when loading it in, and then we ask for a final validation of your personal plan by your advisor during the review & approval process.

No, we only share information that you tell us to!

DegreeSight fully believes in your right to privacy, and we will never provide your information to anyone (no university, external partner, or aggregator) unless you have:

  • submitted your transcript to them directly, or
  • asked for us to reach out on your behalf.

No, and we’re doing all we can to keep it that way! We have one of two main offerings available:

1. University sponsored – where a university pays for promotion here on the site, or where they cover your license and get full access to support you through their advisory teams.
2. Non-sponsored – where students can submit their transcripts over and/or use the planner and build as many personalized plans as they’d like, but the school isn’t involved. In this case, you can still use DegreeSight to track your transcript and plans, but you would need to print these off if you wanted to review them directly with your advisors.

Maximize your credits, and graduate on time

Final time we’ll say it – I promise we won’t sell your data.
Our mission is this – to make college more affordable by making it more transparent. 🙂


Our Success Specialists will have you up and running
so fast it’ll make your head spin!

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