Course prereqs, coreqs, "one of the following" or other requirements are all pulled directly from the university's most recently published Course Catalog. When we load this data, we automatically run a full data accuracy audit against it to ensure that no false prereqs are listed (for example, when a course is no longer offered but was still listed as a prereq of another course) and...

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Our goal is to empower advisors, not to remove them. DegreeSight helps an advisory team directly touch more of their student population by empowering students to handle the initial organizing of their coursework on their own, and providing audit and meeting facilitation tools to advisors to empower follow up and career discussions....

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DegreeSight helps students visualize their career and graduate on time by taking the hundreds of pages of course material and requirements and condensing it down into an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface that prevents any ordering errors and shows students dynamically how many courses they will have to complete their degree....

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