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Overall postsecondary enrollment numbers are decreasing, and online education is eating into what's left   Online courses continue to become more popular in the United States, and with good reason. In 2016-17, overall postsecondary enrollment dropped by almost half a percent, while the number of students who took at least some of their courses online grew by 5.7%. Over the last 15 years alone, online enrollment has quadrupled!   However, a report from...

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Meet the team behind DegreeSight, the best degree planning software out there.

Social emotional learning (SEL) takes a whole-child approach by emphasizing students’ emotional well-being and social skills as they become increasingly important in education and outside of school. SEL helps students develop emotional intelligence that allows them to manage emotions, show empathy for others and establish healthier interpersonal skills to drive towards more fulfilling relationships. What does that have to do with EdTech? A lot, actually....

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With NACADA 2018 coming up, we're looking back on the highlights from the 2017 conference. DegreeSight's team introduced our degree planning tool to over one hundred advisors, counselors, deans, and more. Overwhelmingly, we heard the same thing: "We need this!" Anyone whose role relates to academic advising knows that institutions are always asked to do more with less. DegreeSight is a tool that allows advisors to...

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