Save Money & Graduate on Time

College is hard enough. Finding a clear path to graduation shouldn’t be.

Simple, visual configuration of your degree programs

Powerful advisory management tools

Beautiful degree plan templates

Student collaboration in the planning process

Continuous, real-time audit


Students build a personalized degree plan, bringing all transfers and AP credits in


The system validates the plan in real-time as the student builds

Share & Engage!

Advisors collaborate with the student to give a final human confirmation

Why are we doing this?

Advisors are overwhelmed, and more is being demanded of institutions with each passing year. 

Student to Advisor ratios have gotten out of control

A study by the North American Counsel and Academic Advising found that the average advisor case loads per semester (2011) at today’s larger universities is a staggering 600 students per semester! DegreeSight helps support advisors in handling this growth using automation.

4 Years

*nat'l graduation rates (2011)

6 Years

*nat'l graduation rates (2011)

Many students aren’t graduating on time

Students have a myriad of challenges that they face every day in their college careers. DegreeSight ensures complexity isn’t one of them.

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