Save money & graduate on time

College is hard enough. Finding a path to graduate on time shouldn’t be.


Search schools by key demographics, such as their online presence, acceptance scores, and willingness to take transfer students.


Build a list of your dream schools you want to attend


Submit your transcript to your favorite schools, and get into live chat (or offline messaging) conversations with multiple schools in one location

Save Thousands!

Schools review your transcripts and tell you exactly how much will be accepted vs. denied (and how much you’ll save!)


Take your transcript, and build a personalized & comprehensive plan to finish your degree, bringing all transfers and AP credits in


The planner checks all prerequisites and requirements for you in real-time

Graduate On Time!

You get to work directly with your advising staff through DegreeSight to give a final human confirmation

FREE for Students

That’s right, free forever. Our mission is to create a network that expands access to higher education and helps adult learners finish their degrees, and it is against our ethos to put any barriers in your way.

FREE for Institutions

Yeah, we said free… if students are going to get the help they deserve, we need you here to help them! We only ask for institutions to pay for services once we start to automate your workflow or promote your school as a “transfers-friendly institution”.
Interested in our paid options?

Why do you need us?

Advisors are overwhelmed, and it’s showing.

The average advisor case load per semester (2011) at today’s larger universities is a staggering 600 students per semester! DegreeSight helps support advisors in handling this growth using automation.

Students are losing too many credits when transferring

On average, students lose 43 percent of college credits when they transfer schools, or an estimated 13 credits, equivalent to a full semester.

Too many students simply aren’t graduating on time

Students have a myriad of challenges that they face every day in their college careers. DegreeSight ensures complexity isn’t one of them.


4 Years

*nat’l graduation rates (2011)

6 Years

*nat’l graduation rates (2011)


We believe we can save you
thousands in as little as 5 minutes


Reduce your time to first response by > 50%, and increase your transfer conversion rate by 5% or more!


Increase retention by between 8 – 13% for all students, and upwards of 25% for first-gen students

Super-charge your advising team today!

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