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A Transcript Submission and Approval Solution,
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More than one-third of college students transfer.

Nearly half of those will transfer more than once!

Respond faster, and win more leads

Student-entered Data

Students enter transcript data in minutes and submit to you in real-time.

auto-approved by articulations

Preload your articulation agreements, and speed up your workflow.

Live Chat

Chat directly with prospective students coming through the site. Use our chat, or embed your own!

Integrated with your

Push Leads, Events, and Notes into your CRM in real time!

Put a dollar amount
on it!

Share an estimate on the value of the students' transcript, updating in real time with each credit approved!

personalized branding
and URL

Maintain your brand’s look and feel by changing the logo, url, background image, and text.

Easy configuration & onboarding

Provide your branding, intro text, and select your URL. We’ll do the rest. Concerned about loading your articulations? No problem, one of our success specialists can help – just send us your spreadsheets, PDFs, word docs, or whatever else is being used today, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Pre-approved articulations,
with full control

Built for students on-the-go

Our website makes it easy for students to build and submit their transcript on any device with no additional downloads needed.

Engage your full team

40 percent of US undergrads start in community college,

Are you prepared to support them in their journey?

Don’t just buy names.
Drive conversations!

Rather than buying a list of names to cold email, let students submit their transcript to you directly and drive themselves through a robust and engaging nurturing funnel.

If a student submits a transcript over to my team, they shouldn’t have to wait a week before they get an answer back...

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