Improve retention & on-time

Super-charge your advising team with the most
user-friendly and powerful degree planner in higher ed

Increase first-year retention by between 8-13%

Chart clear paths to graduation early on, and you’ll improve student confidence and increase individual resiliency


Easy, drag-and-drop interface that prevents errors rather than reacts to them


Templates, Waivers, Overrides, Exceptions, Notes, and more


Embedded live chat and email for working with your students remotely

What does degreesight offer for success teams?

Enrollment & Registration

Unlimited seats

Transcript submissions emailed to your team


Track and approve transfers w/ articulation engine


Customize your school’s page

Promote yourself as a "transfers-friendly" university

Live chat with students

Student & data management

Catalog Audit

Lightweight CRM


Registered Students loaded into internal CRM

Program Builder

Degree planning

Digital Degree Plans

Plan Versioning & Change History

Drag-and-drop Plan Templates

Plan Submission & Approval workflow

Course Rotations



Review Modes

Bi-directional integration with your SIS


Cloud-hosted. Integration ready

DegreeSight was built first and foremost to be a solution that could be onboarded quickly. With legacy products, integration and onboarding typically take months if not years to complete. We wanted to speed that process up so that your students can take advantage of the ecosystem sooner, knowing that they get the most benefit by starting with a comprehensive plan early.

Integration is not required for your team to reap the benefits of a cloud-based planner. But, DegreeSight can be integrated to your SIS and pull out configuration data in order to reduce the onboarding overhead. Talk to us today about our integration partners – specialists in building custom and native integrations to America’s top providers like Ellucian, EAB, and PeopleSoft.

Have your own integration team you’d rather we work with directly? No worries, we will define this and any other constraints that need to be considered in partnership with you during our success planning meeting, ensuring we create a plan that works for your unique institution.

Fully configurable

Our Planner was built to be fully customizable, all in the cloud, without the need for custom packages or maintenance nightmares. If your school doesn’t run a regular 4-term structure, that’s perfectly fine – configure it! If you use units rather than credits, that’s fine too. Program requirements include things that maybe can’t even be handled by software alone? We put in place review locks and approval workflows to keep your team in control at all times.

Come talk to us and we’d love to show you more!

Why do you need us?

Advisors are overwhelmed, and it’s showing.

The average advisor case load per semester (2011) at today’s larger universities is a staggering 600 students per semester! DegreeSight helps support advisors in handling this growth using automation.

Students are losing too many credits when transferring

On average, students lose 43 percent of college credits when they transfer schools, or an estimated 13 credits, equivalent to a full semester.

Too many students simply aren’t graduating on time

Students have a myriad of challenges that they face every day in their college careers. DegreeSight ensures complexity isn’t one of them.


4 Years

*nat’l graduation rates (2011)

6 Years

*nat’l graduation rates (2011)

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